Personal Matter series premiered on NTV

‘Personal Matter’ thriller series premiered on air on NTV channel

On April, 26 at 7:40 p.m. (UTC +03) ‘Personal matter’ thriller series directed by Artyom Mazunov are premiered   on  NTV channel.

Cast: Daniil Strakhov, Lyudmila Artemyeva, Alina Lanina, Vladimir Skvortsov, Zoya Mansurova, Viktor Terelya, Konstantin Balakirev, Konstantin Adaev, Alexander Lyrchikov, Guram Bablishvili, Olga Ozollapina, Evgeny Tokarev.

A detective Sergei Kovalev (Daniil Strakhov) is investigating the murder of Colonel Yevseyev and his family, hiding from the boss that the deceased is his half-brother. Kovalev checks several different versions and admits that bandits from the Butcher’s gang, which Yevseev had previously destroyed, could be involved in the murder.

“Against the background of the police story, the hero’s personal drama takes place, which is closely interconnected with the profession of an investigator. In my opinion, this is a story about how the world, trying to save itself, loses everything human, and in order to defeat evil, one must become evil. This is a tough film about a world overflowing with grief and violence, even if the date is on the facade – the 21st century. But what is important – there is no romanticization of evil in the picture and there is hope that the world can be better, kinder, fairer, ” says Daniil Strakhov.

“This project, in addition to being filmed on the basis of real events, also touches upon acute social topics: domestic violence, the influence of the social portrait of parents on the future of the child, family relationships, abuse of authority and others. The main difficulty was probably the preparation for the shooting itself: we had to study a lot of documentary material, horrified by the monstrous events, from the number of innocent victims. These people do not and did not have honor and conscience, as well as other concepts. And in the film, we in no way tried to justify their actions, it is simply impossible. We tried to get into their heads in order to understand the root causes of such cruelty, ” says director Artyom Mazunov.

Producer: Elizaveta Elistratova

Executive Producers: Sergey Semin, Vyacheslav Mikhailov

Director of photography: Dmitry Esipov

Set Designers: Alexey Chernov, Anna Strelnikova

Costume Designer: Natalia Nesterova

Make-up artist: Natalia Voronina

Composer: Dmitry Dankov

Script writers: Oksana Yuzhanina

Production: “STUDIO ROYAL”

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