Ice-2 released in Russia on St Valentine's Day

‘Mom! Dad! Ple-e-e-ase bu-u-y  me ska-a-e-tes! Now!’ – that’s what you’ll hear from your kid going out of the theater after ‘Ice-2’. A romantic fairy tale directed  by Zhora Kryzhovnikov is released in Russia on St.Valentine’s day. Positioned for romantic  lovers ‘Ice-2’ is   a G feature with wonderful cinematography by Ivan Lebedev, VFX, strong melodramatic story full of comic collisions written by Andrey Zolotarev and few surrealistic episodes convenient for a fairy tale.

Alexander Petrov, Aglaya Tarasova, Maria Aronova, Nadezhda Mikhalkova, Yulia Khlynina, Sergey Lavygin, Vita Kornienko are starring. But not Petrov and Aronova are real stars of the feature both of them acting to the limit but a 9-year old Vita Kornienko is the real prodigy of ‘Ice-2’ demonstating action vertex and perfect sportive skills.

What’s going on in a fairy tale after wedding ceremony of a prince and a princess? Dreaming passionatly about a kid?

Kryzhovnikov has managed to keep to the genre to the full with all characters prescribed: an exacting wizard Shatalina (Maria Aronova), an explosive-nature  knight Gorin (Alexander Petrov), a queen-legend Nadya Sr. (Aglaya Tarasova), a kind fairy Anya (Nadezhda Mikhalkova), an unkind ambitious fairy Rita (Yulia Khlynina),  a monster from social custody service, a trainer-troll (Sergey Lavygin) and a small orphane princess wearing crown and lusted skates Nadya Jr. (Vita Kornienko). You should mark Lavygin’s acting as he is the main  creator of the comic line in the movie.

A powerful producers’ crew has been working on the feature including Mikhail Vrubel, Alexander Andruyshchenko, Fedor Bondarchuk, Anton Zlatopolsky, Vyacheslav Murugov and uniting  Studio VodorodArt Pictures Studio, NMG Studio,  Russia 1 TV Channel,   Sony Pictures, CTC Media supported by the Cinema Foundation of the Russian Federation.

Sony Pictures is the distributor.

The most important is that ‘Ice-2’ ia a motivation cinema and adore motivation cinema as you go out the theater inspired and winged.

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