Trigger TV Series premiered on air

‘Trigger’ TV-Series premiered on air on Channel One Russia having set record online

Триггер Дмитрия Тюрина постер

‘Trigger’ TV-Series by Dmitry Tyurin were premiered on air on Channel One Russia on February, 10th, 2020. A pre-premiere screening of the first Serie streamed on on February, 7th, at 6:oo p.m. (UTC +3) had more than 2 500 000 views with 1 300 comments.

The world premiere of the TV-Series produced by Sreda Production company and Alexandr Tsekalo took place at MIPCOM in autumn 2018 in Cannes. The 16 Series were presented by Alexander Tsekalo, Maxim Matveev and Victoria Maslova. The audience was deeply impressed by the project and rights for adaptation have been sold for the territories of the  USA and Japan.

Maxim Matveev, Igor Kostolevskiy, Svetlana Ivanova, Victoria Maslova, Roman Mayakin, Vladislav Tiron, Angelina Stretchina, Mark Yusef, Danila Dunaev are starring.

‘Something that causes someone to feel upset and frightemed because they are made to remember something bad that has happened in the past’ – that is a ‘trigger’ definition in Cambridge dictionary. Anton Streletsky is a professional psychologist provoking his clients to leave the comfort zone.

TV-Series are written by Andrey Zolotarev, Lev Murzenko. The author of the idea and the creative producer is Alexandra Remizova. Cinematography by  Nikolai Bogachyov. OST by Ryan Otter.

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