The Abode by Eleonora Tukhareli on Smotrim platform

‘The Abode. Who are we?’ by Eleonora Tukhareli documentary premiered on SMOTRIM platform

On January 7, 2021 a documentary “The Abode. Who are we?” by Eleonora Tukhareli is premiered on   the media platform SMOTRIM.  The documentary has been shown at international festivals, including Beyond Borders International Documentary Festival, Golden Tree International Documentary Festival, RapidLion The South African International Film Festival, Leloun International Film Festival and others.

The main character – a young Frenchman leaves Paris and goes to Solovki to find out what happened to his family here, in Russia, almost a hundred years ago. The Solovetsky Monastery, built in the 15th century, is a sacred place, in the history of which holiness and tragedy, unity with God and the test of a special camp have merged. This is the place where even today everyone is looking for an answer to the main question “who am I?”

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