Squared Zebra worldwide

Cyber ​​Group Studios and SMF studio  will present the animated series ‘Squared Zebra’ worldwide.

The agreement on co-production of the animated series has been signed as part of the work of the companies in the joint venture Cyber ​​Soyuz Junior. The musical animated series ‘Squared Zebra’ tells about an unusual inhabitant of the African jungle and her friends, each of whom has a distinct personality. Designed for preschool audiences, the film teaches acceptance of oneself and others through friendship and creativity.

The Russian premiere of the animated series took place on June 1, 2020 on Karusel TV Channel. Earlier, within the framework of the presentation on the content market MIPTV 2020, ‘Squared Zebra’ was rated as one of the most promising projects for  distribution worldwide in the pre-school category.

‘Cyber ​​Group Studios is one of the recognized leaders of the world market in the field of animation production, which has tremendous experience in creating successful projects,’ said Yuliana Slashcheva, chairman of the board of SMF studio. ‘We have been working together for the third year already, and have already adapted animated series ‘Orange Moo-Cow’. I am sure that the creative and technological potential of our companies will allow us to create and promote really high-quality and popular projects on the world market. ‘Squared Zebra’ addresses issues that concern children and their parents, regardless of nationality and country of residence, and I think the series has good prospects for international distribution.’

‘It is a great joy for me to enter into a new partnership with SMF Studio after the co-production of ‘Orange Moo-Cow’. ‘Squared Zebra’ is a wonderful series for children, which is relevant in our time, when we realize the importance of individual characteristics of each and want children to feel comfortable in developing their own personality as they grow up,’ said the chairman and CEO of Cyber ​​Group Studios Pierre Sismann, ‘It is also a great honor for us to work with Yuliana Slashcheva and the talented SMF Studio  team, to jointly create entertainment content for children and family audiences, for which there will be no boundaries.’

Cyber ​​Group Studios and SMF Studio  began cooperation in 2018, which resulted in the creation of a joint venture Cyber ​​Soyuz Junior in June 2020. The company is engaged in the production of animated cartoons and 2D feature films for preschool audiences.

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