Mental Series at Series Mania

‘Mental’ surrealistic   thriller produced by the 1-2-3 Production film company and producers Valery Fedorovich and Evgeny Nikishov of the TNT channel entered the prestigious FORUM EXCLUSIVES section of the Series Mania international television content festival, which will be held in the French city of Lille from August 30 to September 1,2021. The section will feature the series with the highest marketing potential, according to the selection committee.

Cast: Evgeny Stychkin, Elena Lyadova, Evgeny Tsyganov, Aglaya Tarasova, Anna Kotova-Deryabina, Ruslan Bankovsky, Dmitry Kolchin, Maxim Ivanov, Ivan Makarevich, Pavel Komarov, Denis Burgazliev.

The series ‘Mental’, filmed by order of the TNT channel, tells the story of a brilliant financier with a strange diagnosis. He has blackouts and is tormented by the “phantoms” of his deceased wife and her lover who shot himself. In order to recover and get custody of his five-year-old son, the hero takes on the investigation of his wife’s death and his life opens from a completely unexpected side. The script was written by Andrey Zolotarev (films “Sputnik”, “Ice” and the series “Trigger”, “Master”), and the pilot episode was invited to shoot the general producer of TNT Alexander Dulerain. He also became the showrunner of the project. The main block of the series was shot by a young director Klim Kozinsky. The premiere of the project is scheduled for autumn 2021 on TNT TV channel.

Producers: Valery Fedorovich, Evgeny Nikishov, Alexander Kessel

Production: 1-2-3 Production

Scriptwriter: Andrey Zolotarev with the participation of Alexander Dulerain

Stage Director: Alexander Dulerain, Klim Kozinsky

Director of photography: Gennady Meder

Set Designer: Asya Davydova, Zhanna Pakhomova

Costume Designer: Oksana Shevchenko

Make-up artist: Elina Karakhanova

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