GPM projects on Russia Creates in Dubai

On April 6-9, the next meeting of the members of the Russia Creates 2.0 community will take place in Dubai. Among the speakers and guests are the general producer of GPM Radio Denis Serikov and the general director of the holding Yuri Kostin.

– In recent years, the media business in Russia, and not only, has greatly evolved. The digital era poses serious challenges, and the pandemic has forced us to think and act in a new way, ”notes Denis Serikov, General Producer of GPM Radio (Like FM and Radio ENERGY). – Modern radio in Russia is, first of all, innovative and creative ideas, extraordinary solutions and their bold implementation.

Will you be able to make a radio show with artificial intelligence? Is it possible to listen to only what you like on the air? Can a voice assistant replace the presenter? Will the word “radio” remain in the vocabulary of the future? Denis Serikov will talk about this and many other things at Russia Creates 2.0.

The forum will be held from 6 to 9 April 2021. These days Dubai will become a real center of attraction for new super ideas for business and creativity. One of the most popular Russian calligraphers and the ideologist of a new direction in art – “calligrafuturism” – Pokras Lampas, producer Ivan Shapovalov, who created the legendary project Tatu, founder of the advertising agency for bloggers WildJam Yaroslav Andreev, the most popular teenager of our time, Tiktoker and musician Danya Milokhin, owner of Russia’s first golden Lion of Cannes, director of the Federation of Creative Industries Igor Namakonov, president of the Association of Branding Companies of Russia Anna Lukanina, managing director of Riki Group Mark Zavadsky, editorial director of Forbes Nikolai Uskov and many other top personalities will hold public presentations of their successful projects, tell you how and where to look for inspiration, share the latest news from the world of creativity and creativity. “It will be hot at Russia Creates!” – the organizers promise.

Russia Creates provides an opportunity for interesting and promising projects to integrate into global economic processes. The purpose of the forum is to unite the brightest and most talented representatives of the Russian creative industry, opening up unique opportunities for them in the dynamically developing markets of the Gulf countries.

Among the community members are entrepreneurs, businessmen and creative people whose initiatives are changing areas such as design, art, architecture, food industry, education, e-sports, fashion, music, cinema, advertising and branding, banking, fintech, media and IT. … Each of them will be able to present their cases to real investors and future partners from the UAE, exchange views with like-minded people, find out the needs of a promising new market for the implementation of their ideas.

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