BabyRiki on China

‘Babyriki’ series produced by The Riki Group succeeded in 3 billion views on Chinese VODs

‘BabyRiki’ Series produced by The Riki Group resulted by 3 billion views  for three seasons on Chinese  VOD-services Tencent, iQiyi, YouKu, Mango TV, Beva and CCTV Kids application. 

‘The real pleasure is to state that ‘BabyRiki’ series are ‘growing’ and give joy to the kids not depending on cultural references and language, – says Alexandra Artemyeva, the producer of ‘BabyRiki’ series. – There are a  studying topic and an educating song in every serie ant the project is considered to be a complex for the versatile development of a child. It is highly appreciated by parents worldwide. We are happy to watch our project to be in great demand and use for the numerous audience’. 

‘BabyRiki’ are in top-5 of the animation pre-school series  on  YouKu and  iQiyi platforms in line with ‘Peppa Pig’, ‘Paw  Patrol’ and ‘Fixiki’ – one more animation  project produced by ‘The Riki Group’.

‘BabyRiki’ brand is successfully presented in China not online only but offline as well at stores. Toys and books with popular characters are sold in more then 500 Chinese stores in 67 product categories. congratulate The Riki Group with the success of the ‘BabyRiki’ series project!

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