Finnick released at theaters

On March 24, 2022 the Central Partnership film company and the Riki Group of companies, with the support of the Cinema Foundation, released the animated film “Finnick” directed by Denis Chernov.

This is a story about a funny furry creature – a brownie Finnick. He is kind and mischievous, a little harmful, likes to make fun of the residents of his house, so no family stays in his possessions for a long time. But everything changes when the resourceful girl Christina and her parents enter the house: the tricks of the brownie do not work at all on them! Soon Christina meets Finnik and learns the secrets of the brownies’ life. Meanwhile, strange and frightening events begin to happen in their town… The brave girl and the brownie will have to become a team to figure out what is happening and save the city.

Olga Lyubimova, Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, spoke on stage before the  premiere screening of the film: ‘I am very glad that we finally see a full audience! We were deprived of this opportunity for two years due to pandemic. “Finnick” is exactly the kind of picture that allows you to come to the cinema with the whole family. Now it is important that the good habit of going to the cinema together returns.’

Elena Chirkova, producer of the film ‘Finnick’: ‘Finnick is a very warm and sincere story about friendship, trust and mutual assistance. There is a lot of humor in the film, but at the same time there are moments that will make the audience think about eternal themes. Every image of the main character, even if not the first plan, is thought out to the smallest detail. There are a lot of details, references, Easter eggs and musical experiments in the film.’

‘We have created a whole universe of brownies, endowed each character with its own character. At the same time, we managed to make them so realistic that it seems that this is how brownies should look, and nothing else. The audience will see a really good family movie, which, I know for sure, will give great emotions,’ said director Denis Chernov.

Screenwriters: Tatiana Belova, Denis Chernov, Neil Landau, Lev Murzenko, Alexander Kim

General producers: Ilya Popov, Yulia Nikolaeva

Producer: Elena Chirkova

Composer: Sergey Sidorov

Sound engineers: Igor Yakovel, Denis Dushin

Production designer: Olga Ovinnikova

Editing by Arkady Muratov

Director of the picture: Daria Davydova

Production: Computer animation Studio “Petersburg” (The Riki group ), with the support of the Cinema Foundation

Distributor: Central Partnership Film Company

Information partner of the film: VKontakte social network

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