Insomnia series premiered

On  October 7, 2021 ‘Insomnia’ series directed and written by Olga Frenkel is exclusively premiered on PREMIER VOD-platform.

Cast: Gosha Kutsenko, Irina Starshenbaum, Maria Mironova.

The mystical thriller tells the story of a successful hypnotherapist who saves others, but unsuccessfully fights his own insomnia and nightmares.

The main character, Yuri, is a convinced agnostic, able to rationally explain absolutely everything – except for his insomnia. Helping his clients to cope with the most neglected problems, a unique psychiatrist-hypnotherapist cannot help himself get rid of nightmares. In them, he sees an ex-wife who  committed suicide many years ago. Yuri used to while away insomnia in a strip club, sometimes bringing strippers to his home. During one of his visits, he meets a new young stripper Anya, to whom he is imbued with an inexplicable affection.

“The part of Anya interested me in that this is a complex character, very complicated in terms of  way of thinking, behavior. She is a very “surviving” person who struggles with her pain and does not give up, ”said Irina Starshenbaum about her character.

For the director of Insomnia, Olga Frenkel, this mystical thriller was the first work in the genre of drama.

Producers – Evgeny Nikishov, Valery Fedorovich

Production:  1-2-3 Production film company

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