Finnick at theaters worldwide

Sola Media will present the new animated feature Finnick, produced by the Riki Group, in a number of key theater distribution areas.
Within the framework of the international film market Marche Du Film, the Riki group of companies announced a partnership with the German company Sola Media – the agent received the rights to distribute Finnick.
Under the terms of the agreement, Sola Media will present a new full-length film Finnick in Great Britain and Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, Germany and Italy, Poland, the countries of the former Yugoslavia, Benelux, Scandinavia, South Africa, etc.
‘We fell in love with Finnick as soon as we saw the first teaser. This is an IP, with beautiful animation and wonderful humor, which is especially necessary for the viewer today. We also found the authors’ creative idea convincing – what if an invisible brownie lives in the house of each of us? Who would not like to have such an assistant around? We are sure that the public’s imagination will respond to this idea no less than ours, ‘ Solveig Langeland, Managing Director of Sola Media, shares her impressions of the project.
‘We are eagerly awaiting the premiere of our comedy Finnick, at the beginning of 2022 the film will be released simultaneously in Russia and a number of countries. I am sure that thanks to such an experienced partner as Sola Media, Finnick will quickly become available to viewers in even more territories. The attention of a strong distributor was attracted thanks to the high quality provided by the team working on the project. It includes, among other things, international scriptwriters, and the production is carried out at the Petersburg Animation Studio, which produces the popular projects Gogoriki, Babyriki and others’ – said Mark Zavadsky, managing director of the Riki group of companies.
The Animation Magazine has included Finnick in its list of upcoming releases that viewers shouldn’t miss. A new comedy from the creators of the Gogoriki universe will tell about the incredible adventures of Christina, who was fortunate enough to make friends with the brownie Finnick. Unlike his relatives who care about houses, young Finnick, annoyed by the untidiness of people, comes up with endless pranks for the tenants and makes their life in the house unbearable. Everything changes, and tricks become useless when a new family moves into the house and Finnick meets Christina. And when inexplicable phenomena begin to occur in the city, the heroes have to unite in order to unravel the mystery of the events.

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