Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Final

‘Chernobyl. Exclusion Zone.Final’ three features will be released online on Premier from September, 19th

Three full-meter  features ‘Chernobyl. Exclusion Zone. Final’ will be released online on PREMIER VOD service presenting three versions of action, starting the same but three finals will differ, so the audience will choose the version to like. For the first time the full-meters are streamed in Russia in such way.

‘Chernobyl. Exclusion Zone. Final’ official trailer is available at the moment, the project is written  by Ilya Kulikov and directed by Dmitry Kiselyov (‘The Age of Pioneers’). Konstantin Davydov, Kristina  Kazinskaya, Sergey Romanovich, Anvar Khalilulaev, Valeriya Dmitrieva, Evgeny Stychkin, Alexander Yatsenko are starring – the same cast that was in TV-Series ‘Chernobyl. Exclusion Zone’. The story is about five teenagers fighting againsе abnormal zone of  Chernobyl nuclear plant trying to stop a world disaster.

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